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Friday, 30 September 2016

Meeting Notes


Edison PTA Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Edison Elementary PTA meeting, 12/14/10.

Present: Jennifer Northam (past president), Josh Wolcott (principal), Vicki Ostrander (vice president), Andrea Cortinas, Lucia Mumm, Alex Andary (parent volunteer coordinator), Kyle Singer.

Call to Order - 6:35 pm

1. Minutes of meeting of 11/9/10 were approved.

2. Treasurer's Report - There is over $18,000 in the PTA account, separate from Books for Babes. After some discussion, it was decided that a spring fundraiser besides the Big Truck Rally was not needed this year.

3. Principal's Report - New flags have arrived - on display in the gym during programs & assemblies. Donuts with Dads was a great success - used books from the library, stayed in the cafeteria vs. using pods. Easier containment/clean up. Math Night December 7th was also successful - very little pizza left over, many math games sent home. Food Drive continues - Josh is offering a piece of licorice for each can or box of food. Honor Choir performed at Feast of Carols Sunday the 12th The Food Drive Kick-Off Dec. 10th at Albertsons was a positive experience, students represented our school very well. Holding the holiday concerts in 3 sessions (K-1, 2-3, 4-5) was much better/safer experience. Students didn't get to see their siblings perform - Josh will explore options to let that happen next year. We now have a permanent school counselor (Mrs. Duede) who will work with all students presenting character messages. December's message: Compassion. 5th Grade Boys Basketball has just wrapped up, Girls will start in January - we are lucky to have Mr. McFetridge to organize it all. COMING UP: 2nd grade will switch in January to reading instruction in both Spanish and English - the emphasis for Spanish speakers will be on English phonics. Mrs. Duede will present character messages - a different message each month.

4. Parent Volunteer Coordinator - Alex is getting feedback from teachers about the kind of help they need in and out of the classroom. She hopes to work with the PTA to coordinate tasks.

5. Reflections - Theme is "Together We Can." Lucia Mumm sent flyers home. Josh will record a phone message over break to remind people of Jan. 4 deadline. Number of submissions will determine how we will exhibit them. Winners at Edison will go directly to the state level.

6. Book Fair - Kyle reported that everything ran very smoothly, and it was easier for him and Carrie to staff the sale for his first time as chair. He is compiling a to-do manual that will make the spring session even easier.

7. Other events - Family Fun Nights will begin January 11 with Game Night. Jan. 25 is Art Night. Music Night is scheduled for Feb. 8. Dr. Seuss Night on Mar. 1 will be organized by Title 1 teacher Amy Ford - we will still assist with volunteers. Alex reminded us that AmeriCorps has 30+ volunteers located in Walla Walla - as long as they have enough notice (min. 1 week), nearly all of them can be counted on.

8. Proposals for Funding - Lucia noted that AAUW has cash they are anxious to give out for the purchase of books. She will email Kit and Amy to let them know the AAUW meeting is later this week and find out if a written proposal would be needed to request $1000 for a Scholastic purchase to supplement the RiF program, ensuring books go to every student in the school, probably at the Dr. Seuss Family Fun Night.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Northam, Past President


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